Thomas Jefferson The Man

Although much of his adult life was spent in public service, Jefferson was very much like the other founding fathers in that he had diverse interests.  Among them were inventing, farming, architecture and education.


  • Designed and built his home, Monticello
  • Designed the rotunda at the Univeristy of Virginia
  • Designed the Barboursville mansion


  • Founded the University of Virginia under the premise that education should be available to all and be free from religious influence
  • His personal library was sold to the federal government and started what is now the Library of Congress


  • Was constantly trying to grow different types of crops in the hope of becoming a self sufficient farm
  • Reworked the moldboard plough for use on his estate


  • Designed a cipher while serving as Secretary of State in order to send coded correspondence
  • The Great Clock at Monticello operated was made from cannonballs and operated under the earth's gravitational force
  • Created a rotating bookstand that could hold up to five volumes at one time